RowOne Chair Features

Powered Recline & USB ports

Power recline and USB ports are universal features on all of our chairs. The recline is very quiet and our chairs are “wall savers” so they do not need to be multiple feet away from a wall to fully recline. For the USB ports each chair has a personal USB to charge just about any device you have.



Cupholders & Base Rail

Every model of our chairs has a cupholder. The Galaxy II offers a basic cupholder while the Prestige, Revolution, and Cortés have a LED cupholders and base rail lighting. The Revolution and Cortés offer a dimming feature which helps to make sure your lights do not interfere with picture quality on a tv or projector. The Cortés is also the lone chair to offer multiple colors of LED lighting with the ability to toggle between them to choose your favorite color.



Storage Arm & Tray Table

The Prestige, Revolution, and Cortés chairs all have deep storage arms with the capacity to store magazines, remotes, and a laptop. They also come with a tray table allowing you to place it on any arm of a chair and you can take it off and store it in the storage arm when its not being used.



Power Headrest

The Revolution, and Cortés chairs both offer a power headrest. The Revolution is a cut out style while the Cortés is a full bar headrest.



Memory Setting

The Revolution chair is the lone chair to offer a memory setting. There are two memory settings per chair allowing the customer to always return to their favorite spot.


110 Volt Outlets

In the 2 arm Cortés model one of our newest features is adding two 110 power outlets to the storage arm. This is to allow people to charge one of the few things that a USB can’t and that’s a laptop.

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