Top 3 Questions When Selecting Home Theater Seating

Home Theater Seating Love Seat Chair

Single Chair vs Configuration

RowOne offers a unique experience when it comes to purchasing furniture.  We make 4 different sku’s in every chair (2 Arm Chair, Left Arm, Right Arm, Armless) which allows us to combine them in different ways to produce a variety of different formations. We can make a recliner, love seat, sofa, or a row of chairs in any quantity or combination to uniquely fit the consumer’s space.


How To Choose What Chair Is Best For Me?

RowOne is a lifestyle brand and with being able to make sofa’s and loveseats while also being able to select choose between multiple colors such as brown and light grey we are able to tie into any room. When it comes to selecting a chair, you must ask yourself what is important to you in a chair. Each chair has its advantage. If leather is important to you then you will want to look at either the Prestige or the Cortes. If tech is important to you then you will want to check into our Cortes or Revolution chairs and if you don’t need a chair with all the bells and whistles and want something more simplistic then we have our Galaxy II chair.

How To Choose What Chair Is Best For Me?

How Does It Ship and What Comes Included?

When it comes to the shipping of the chairs we have two options. The first option is a standard freight LTL shipment which gets delivered directly to the stores commercial address, this option is our cheapest and fastest shipping option. Our other option is our RowOne Last Mile which is a delivery directly to the customers residential address. This option covers delivery, assembly, and trash removal.


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