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RowOne Evolution Home Theater Seating:

Within months of putting them in our showrooms in Raleigh and Charlotte, the Row One Evolution had quickly become the best-selling theater chair in the history of Audio Advice.

First, let’s talk about comfort. Whether you’re watching a blockbuster film, cheering for your favorite sports team, or binging Netflix, you’re probably going to spend hours at a time in your theater chair. When you look at less expensive seating options, usually the level of support is the first thing to go.

The RowOne Evolution, however, finds the perfect balance. It allows you to sink in but also provides good support so that you can enjoy the space for hours without any fidgeting or back pain. To make the chair even more comfortable, Row One uses a material that they call Leatheraire. It looks and feels just like leather, but is completely breathable, so you don’t have to worry about getting hot or sweaty the way you sometimes can from leather.

The Evolution allows you to fully recline using buttons inside the cupholder. The chair is completely motorized and it’s smooth and quiet, so you won’t disturb your friends and family if you have to make adjustments during a movie.

While some footrests leave a gap between the edge of the seat and the footrest, the Evolution extends edge to edge. Not only is this more comfortable because it supports your entire leg, but we also think it’s probably safer for pets and small children. Once you are reclined, you can fully adjust the headrest, again using buttons inside the cupholder, and find the perfect position to comfortably look at screen. This is a feature you usually only find in much more expensive seats.

In addition to the four buttons we’ve discussed so far, you’ll also find a fifth button that lights up the cupholder with a soft blue glow. It’s great for finding your way back to your seat after a bathroom break, or to make sure your cup makes it safely into the cupholder without a mess. The cup holders even include a USB charging port!

If you lift the armrests, you’ll see that each one has a large storage compartment. You can easily fit a stack of magazines, video game controllers, remotes, and even snacks inside!

The last feature we want to mention may seem a bit trivial at first, but we think it’s brilliant and it really highlights the thought that Row One has put into these chairs. Each Evolution chair has a zippered section that the Row One team lovingly calls the “crumb catcher.” If you drop popcorn or candy, it will get caught in the crumb catcher instead of winding up on the floor beneath the seat. That may not seem like a big deal at first — that is, until it’s time to slide a bunch of 115 pound chairs around the room to vacuum!

The Row One Evolution only comes in two colors — black and brown. This allows them to ship the chairs within 2 weeks, which is an incredibly fast turnaround for furniture like this.

If you’re considering them for your room, there are a few different configuration options that you can choose from. Of course, you can get individual seats but you can also build a row of them. There is no curved row option, but we find that in 99% of our home theater rooms, straight rows work best anyway.

There is even a sofa option, which is essentially three seats without armrests for the center seat. In this configuration, the center seats back can be pulled down to reveal a console, much like you may have seen in the backseat of a family SUV. The console features a large work surface and two additional cupholders.

As we mentioned earlier, we have decades of experience building high-end custom theaters in luxury homes. We carry chairs that cost four to five times as much per seat as the Row One Evolution. Is the Evolution better than these chairs? Of course not. But for right around $1,000 per chair, we’ve simply never seen anything that comes close to the quality, comfort, and feature set of the Evolution.

If you’re in the market for home theater or media room seating, you have to check these out. Even if you have already budgeted for more expensive chairs, the RowOne Evolution is worth considering. It could help you save some money on your room — or you could take the savings and get more high-performance home theater equipment. Our customers love these seats and we highly recommend them.

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