Elevate Your Home Experience with the E10 Furniture Power Pack

Furniture Power Pack

No one likes cord clutter. 


When you dedicate countless hours and dollars to perfecting your living space. The last thing you want is a bundle of cords throwing off the whole aesthetic. But if you’re someone who values the luxury of power furniture, what’s the solution? Meet the E10 Battery Pack


This brand-new furniture power pack offers unparalleled convenience. Allowing your favorite motorized furniture to be enjoyed anywhere–free from the tether of power outlets. Imagine the freedom to design your space purely around comfort and style, not logistics. The E10 Battery Pack is a gateway to elevating your home entertainment experience. Ensuring that the only thing you need to focus on is immersing yourself in the stories on the screen or the characters in your favorite book.


Unpacking the E10 Furniture Power Pack


When you choose the E10 Battery Pack, you get immediate access to everything needed for an effortless setup: the powerful Enouvation Power Pack itself, a dedicated charger to keep your entertainment uninterrupted, and a comprehensive product instruction sheet for easy use. Don’t be fooled by the power pack’s compact size: its form factor does not compromise on power, offering an industry-leading solution for powering your home entertainment without the clutter.


Let’s dive into the details: 


The Enouvation E10 Power Pack can provide up to 2,000 motorized functions on a single charge. It’s the most efficient wireless battery pack in the industry, with more power at a fraction of the size!


Worried about your battery levels? Download the Entelligent App to quickly check your pack’s power level, review charging history, receive recharge reminders, and shut off the power remotely in the app to conserve power when not in use.


Why Does Wireless Power Matter?


Embracing the convenience of wireless power changes how we design and enjoy our home–from living rooms to gaming centers to home theaters and more. With a furniture power pack, the need for close proximity to electrical outlets becomes a thing of the past, offering unparalleled freedom in arranging your space. 


Minimalists, rejoice! Your Pinterest-worthy living room dreams come true with wireless power. This allows for a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing environment where the focus remains on comfort and style, not the bundle of tangled cords peeking out from behind a chair. The result? An immersive, tailor-made home entertainment experience that puts you and your comfort first.


Furniture Power Pack


Integrating the Furniture Power Pack with RowOne


From the welcoming Prestige to the sleek Calveri, implementing your wireless furniture power pack with your RowOne pieces couldn’t be easier. The E10 is compact, discreet, and ready to serve all your power needs. That means your power recline, and power headrests all operate at max efficiency with zero hassle! Enjoy the convenience of reconfiguring your furniture setup whenever and whereever you like, knowing that you’re always covered with this power companion. 


Adding the E10 Power Pack to your home is all about kicking back in style without a care in the world. It’s RowOne’s way of saying, “Relax, we’ve got the tech covered.” This convenient and innovative solution ensures your setup is as sleek and user-friendly as possible. Blending top-notch comfort with the coolest innovations in the industry!


Explore the e10 Wireless Battery Pack today. 

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