RowOne Home Entertainment Seating

Our Vision of Community Impact

Aligning With Equity Organizations

Comfort For All

At RowOne, we believe our role in society goes beyond creating exceptional home entertainment and home theater seating. Through perpetual giving, we are committed to making a meaningful and continual community impact. We recognize the importance of shaping our business practices around not just financial success but also social enrichment.

Community Impact

Equity Through Social Entrepreneurship

We recognize the stark disparities in venture capital funding, with BIPOC women entrepreneurs significantly underserved. Our initiative aims to bridge this gap by providing essential pre-seed funding, supporting those with promising ideas but no platform to bring them to life.

Women founders
receive 1% of
VC funds.

BIPOC founders
receive 1% of
VC funds.

Women receive
less than 1% of all VC funds every year.

Since 2020 to today, it’s gotten even worse because of the softening of the economy. People claim it’s not possible to help.

At RowOne, here is what we’ve decided. The funding will be specific for “pre-seed” so helping those who have incredible ideas but no MVP (minimally viable product). Whether physical, or digital, we are using our resources to help them create it.

Community Impact for the unhoused

Empowering the Unhoused with the Empowerment Plan

In September 2023, we partnered with Empowerment Plan, a Detroit-based organization offering warmth and hope to the unhoused community through innovative solutions. This project is a testament to our belief in practical support that addresses immediate needs.

Growing Together

Our vision is to continuously expand our reach, partnering with organizations that share our ethos. Starting in September 2023, our quarterly allotment of donations have been supporting initiatives aligned with our mission, ensuring that as we grow, so does our impact.

Looking Ahead: What’s Next?

We’re excited to unveil our next chapter of perpetual giving at CEDIA 2024 in Denver, focusing on empowering women entrepreneurs. This step is a pivotal part of our journey towards creating a more inclusive and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Todd Girdis – CEO

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