More Than Just Chairs: Our Community Impact

Our Commitment to Community Impact


Here at RowOne, we believe our role in society goes beyond creating exceptional home entertainment and home theater seating. RowOne is committed to making a meaningful and continual community impact, a principle that lies at the heart of our corporate social responsibility. We recognize the importance of contributing positively to our communities, shaping our business practices around not just financial success but also social enrichment.


Our Philosophy: More Than Just Seating


Community impactOur mission at RowOne is not confined to sales; it’s about leaving a positive imprint on society. Selling top-notch home theater seating is just one facet of our mission; another, equally important, involves weaving community impact into our core activities. This approach is a fundamental part of who we are, reflecting our belief that commercial success and social responsibility should coexist seamlessly.



Community Impact Initiatives:


Beyond our products, the relationships with our retailers, and you, our customers, RowOne has a vision of perpetual giving on a quarterly basis. We call it: Comfort For All.

The initiative began in September of 2023 by partnering with Empowerment Plan, a Detroit-based organization aiding the unhoused. The next chapter launching in 2024 includes assisting BIPOC women entrepreneurs.


The Role of Businesses in Social Change:


Businesses play a pivotal role in driving social change. It’s not just about profit margins and market shares; it’s about being a force for good. We actively use our resources and influence to drive societal well-being. Our active participation in community initiatives and social responsibility projects demonstrates our dedication to this belief. We understand that our actions can inspire others, creating a ripple effect of positive change in the community.


Engaging Customers in Community Efforts:


We actively engage our customers in our community impact efforts. Furthermore, we motivate our customers to engage in various initiatives, supporting local entrepreneurs and embracing sustainable practices, to extend the positive impact together. Our customers can contribute by joining our events, spreading awareness, or directly participating in our community programs. Their involvement is crucial in amplifying our impact and fostering a culture of social responsibility.


RowOne actively pursues a strong community impact, demonstrating a firm commitment to creating lasting positive change. Looking ahead, we aim to expand our initiatives, focusing on more inclusive projects and broader support for underrepresented entrepreneurs. Our journey towards social responsibility is ongoing, and we’re excited about the future possibilities.


For more details on our community impact initiatives, visit RowOne’s Community Impact.

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