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RO-BSC Basic "Home Theater Out of the Box" Package

  • Style: BSC
  • Category: Theater Rooms 
  • Custom Made to Order

  • Made In America

RO-BSC Basic Package"Home Theater Out of the Box" (Patent Pending)

Home theater is the fastest growing segment of home remodeling due to the excitement of new electronic technology, movie downloads, and the increasing costs of going to the movies. RowOne® has a “Home Theater Out of the Box” program that provides a home theater environment creatively and affordably with columns, crown and base moldings, and chair risers. There are three kinds of columns that adjust to a height of 96” with or without speaker openings. The columns can stand alone or be part of a complete home theater room. The RowOne® patented column and trim system hides all the wiring creating a dramatic home theater experience.

The basic package is for rooms to have a home theater look having the flat screen TV or overhead projection screen already mounted on the wall or above a console and do not want to mount speakers inside the columns.

The Basic Package Contains (No Proscenium):
  • (10) RO-CR Crown Molding* (6 ft)
  • (10) RO-BD Baseboard Molding* (6 ft)
  •   (2) RO-LCSL Large Columns without Speaker Compartment - Dimensions: 20 3/4"w x 13 1/2"d x up to 96"h
  •   (2) RO-SCSL Side-Wall Columns without Speaker Compartment - Dimensions: 20 3/4"w x 6 1/4"d x up to 96"h
  •   (6) RO-KEY Straight Adapters for Crown Molding
  •   (4) RO-INSA Inside Corner Adapter for Crown Molding

Columns Adjustable up to 96" high
Columns Available with or without speaker compartments
Selection of finishes available (See finish chart)
Plywood & Wood Solids
Column comes in three pieces-base, upper column, and keystone adapter
For larger rooms just add more columns, crown molding, and adapters
Decorative Column only, not to be used as a support column
Made in the USA

If room is larger than 15' x 20' just add more crown molding, base molding and additional columns - "Ala Carte".  Call customer service if needing assistance.

Weight - 382 Pounds (Approximate)

Crown Molding x Room’s Perimeter Divided by 6
Side Columns recommended one per 6 feet from corner of room, evenly spaced
Straight adapter (RO-KEY) Join 2 pieces of crown molding together when no side column is present
Outside Corner Adapter (RO-OTSA) for use when running crown molding on outside corner
Inside Corner Adapter (RO-INSA) for use when running crown molding on inside corner

*For the Basic and Deluxe Package, RowOne® recommends professional installation of all RowOne® Home Theater Décor products, using a professional miter cut to adjoin crown and baseboard molding running more than 6 feet.

The RowOne® “Home Theater Out of the Box” collection will give a custom look to your home theater or media room with columns, chair rails, crown moldings, and chair risers. Compare to what it would cost to have these items custom made.  You won't believe how affordable it is to create the dream room you always wanted at a fraction of the cost!

* Specifications within 1” accurate at time of printing. Specifications are subject to change without notification. Revised 7 /16

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