Tips for Buying High Quality Furniture

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1. Understand Materials

When buying furniture a lot of brands use wood to construct their products. There are multiple types of wood that can be used, furniture can either be made of solid wood, veneers, or a composite wood called particleboard. Solid wood is the most durable and strong, it will typically cost more because of its quality. A wood veneer is a thin slice of natural wood that is attached, through gluing or pressing, onto a panel of fiberboard. This option tends to cost less than solid wood. Composite wood is is the lowest quality option and consists of a combination of different things like plastics, wood pulp, and other scraps. Understanding the quality difference is a major factor in choosing your next piece.

2. Avoid Nails and Glue

When looking at furniture one thing you might notice is nails or glue, this is a cheaper process which can lead to a lesser quality product. Check areas such as ends, corners, and storage arms to see if they use either of the two. More quality furniture pieces will be joined together instead which results in the product overtime being more durable and able to hold more weight.

3. Test Storage Arms and Movable pieces

Depending on the furniture piece you choose there might be compartments or storage arms. One tip of advice is try it out. A lot of times you can tell quality by the way it opens and closes, avoid something wobbly or if it does not close evenly.

4. Cushion Firmness

Another aspect about buying seating is the feel. When buying you have multiple options from very soft and cushiony to a more firm memory foam feel. Seating is a lot like mattresses and understanding what works best for you and your comfort is a big thing when you’re making a significant purchase like a new sofa or home theater seating. Typically a more firm cushion holds up longer but if it is a reputable brand you can still receive a good quality softer cushion.

5. What Is Right For You

Beyond components when buying furniture you can really feel and see quality, so when you sit in something that is much better than the rest you can know and understand why. That is also why seeing it in person helps. RowOne has retailers across the country and you can contact us on our website if you would like to find the retailers closest to you. The main goal of purchasing high quality furniture is the confidence you’re getting something that is going to look and feel good for years to come.

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